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Topics and Curriculum - Digital Life 102
Commonsense Media - Digital Life 102 

What is the place of digital media in our lives?
Students test their knowledge of digital media and talk about the role media plays in their lives
Other Topics and Links:
  1. Commerical on TV last month an loved the message it sent to kids -
    Commonsense Media Commercial - Family Dinner Commercial  (Message, If you would share something with your family, don't share it online.  Teacher your kids to avoid oversharing, and keep their personal information private".
  2. Helping Students Not Trip On Their Digital Footprints - Article
  3. Dislike: Having inappropriate pictures on your Facebook profile really could lose  you a job - Article 
  4. How to manage your digital footprint in college 
  5. Current Events "The Tweet heard aournd the world"  A reminder that every word uttered on the Internet can be seem or heard by everyone and with serioucs consequences. CNN Ex-PR exec Justine Sacco apologizes for AIDS in Africa tweet
  6. Lots of Curated topics on Digital Footprints using
    Link  and Pinterest Digital Footprint
  7. Local news - June Talvitie-Siple a teacher from Cohasset, MA lost her job due to a
    Facebook posting see article and video A Teacher Who Flunked Facebook 101 
  8. Comic Strip by Gary Varvel / tweet College and Facebook
Here are some additional resources about Digital Safety

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